Rules of the service
  1. General introduction
  2. Opening an account
  3. Deposits and withdrawals
  4. Security regulations
  5. Accepting games / winnings
  6. Release of responsibility
  7. Privacy regulations

  1. The "Lotto-Europa Regulations" are also the terms and conditions that constitute and regulate the contractual relations, like those which are reported here and that the parties, like those evidenced here, undertake to accept and satisfy.
  2. 'Flyworld' means Flyworld srl, a limited liability company registered at C.C.I.A. of Milan under the registrar number 13406050156, governed by the Italian law, with offices in Via Giovanni Ricordi 30, 20131 Milan, Tel. 0291198920, Fax 02 91198919, E-mail
  3. An "account holder" is a client of Flyworld, or rather an individual who has opened and manages an account with Flyworld.
  4. A "Flyworld account" is an account managed by the holder of the account, with sole objective of requesting bets for the Italian Superenalotto and to collect possible winnings.
  5. "A contract" is the contractual relationship between Flyworld and the holder of the account, based on the "LottoEuropa Regulations".
  6. The "Governing Body" is the Italian authorities.
  7. The operating "Law" is the Italian legislation in force.
  8. The "place of contract" is Milan.
  9. The site is the Internet port, accessible via the web address All the news and relevant information on the Lotto-Europa service is published on the "site".
  10. A "financial institution" is a bank and/or another institution through which the financial exchanges are made between the account holder and Flyworld.
  1. When you open a Flyworld account, it is necessary that you are aware of and accept the following:
    • All of the terms and conditions set out in point 1 and/or following;
    • All of the Lotto-Europa Rules currently published on the site, as well as any possible slight changes to such Rules in the future;
    • That the place of contract is Milan;
    • That the present contract is governed by:
      A - The Lotto-Europa Rules, as they are published in Italian;
      B - The decisions of the governing body;
      C - The operating law in the place of contract.
  2. Flyworld reserve the right, at their own discretion, at any time to:
    • Refuse the opening of an account and/or close the established rapport with the client, without any obligation to give reason for this decision;
    • Refuse to accept deposits, without having to give an explanation;
    • Request documents in order to check the identity of the account holder, before they are able to make deposits and/or withdrawals from their Flyworld account through a determined bank;
    • Transfer, without prior notice, the codes of a Flyworld account to another legal entity however managed and controlled by Flyworld s.r.l.;
    • Manage the money belonging to the account holders through a financial institution based on the legal known principles for the management of such funds: all in the name of and benefiting the account holder.
    • Confiscate money from a Flyworld account or refuse to make credits in cases where, directly or indirectly, the Rules of Lotto-Europa have been violated creating an economic problem for Flyworld.
  3. You must be over 18 years of age to open a Flyworld account and to have access to the Lotto-Europa service.
  4. The account holder must guarantee that at all times they will not:
    • Be limited by legal restrictions;
    • Act for third parties;
    • Suffer from gambling addiction;
    • Deposit money gained through illegal and/or unauthorised means;
    • Deposit money from a bank account that he is not registered to;
    • Conduct illegal activities through his Flyworld account;
  5. Flyworld guarantees, at all times, to:
    • Manage the money of account holders in a secure and appropriate manner;
    • To adjust taxes relative to the service, according to Italian law.
  6. A Flyworld account is only opened and managed in Euros. Therefore the deposits and withdrawals of the account holder must be made only in such currency. A Flyworld account does not accrue any interest.
  7. Each account holder can have only one account.
  8. Any claim or objection regarding a transaction (deposit or withdrawal) corresponding to a Flyworld account must be made within 6 months of the carrying out of the same otherwise Flyworld will not consider the claim.
  9. Every dispute relative to Flyworld accounts will be governed by the Italian law.
  1. The deposits into a Flyworld account must be carried out exclusively through banks and/or other official financial institutions.
  2. The minimum amount of a deposit is 50. Flyworld reserve the right to change this figure, giving notice on the website.
  3. The bank costs relative to the deposits made to a Flyworld account will be born by Flyworld for the only quota claimed by its bank.
  4. Withdrawals from a Flyworld account can only be addressed to the holder of the same Flyworld account to a bank account of the registered person.
  5. only one withdrawal is allowed per month. The withdrawal will be made within 7 days after the request.
  6. The bank costs relative to the bank credits leaving a Flyworld account will be born by Flyworld for the only quota claimed by its bank.
  1. All the information between Flyworld and the client will be treated in the strictest confidence. The sole exception being an express request from the governing body and/or if the account holder violates the Lotto-Europa Rules.
  2. When opening a Flyworld account you will receive your own personal account number. The client then chooses a username and password. It is the account holder's responsibility to keep this information secret. In cases where the account holder suspects a third party knows this information they should contact Flyworld to receive a new password.
  3. All Internet communications between the account holder and Flyworld will be retained in order to resolve any possible disagreements.
  1. The bets must be placed at least three hours before the game closes.
  2. The bets must be of those arranged on the appropriate page of the site, therefore containable on a single card.
  3. The account holder who wishes to play must make separate requests.
  4. Before the games closes Flyworld will send an E-mail with an attached photocopy of the game card and verified by the game terminal to the authorised holder of the account. In the same E-mail an update of the holders account balance after the bets will appear.
  5. Flyworld will retain the non-winning game cards for at least one month after the draw, at the disposition of the account holder. Possible postal costs will be charged to the account.
  6. The winning combination and the quotas attributed to single points will be visible, after each draw, on the game managers' official site, accessible from the website.
  7. Flyworld, by the next working day, will send notice direct to the winners asking for instructions to credit prizes in excess of 5,200. Prizes of less than 5,200, subject to different instructions to be sent within 7 days and within the bounds of a single monthly withdrawal, will be deposited in to the winner's account.
  1. This contract is governed by the rules like those published from time to time and registered with the Notaio Mezzanotte in Milan, redrafted in Italian. The translations have a service function and are made in good faith by specialised experts. In cases of ambiguity between the Italian version and a translation, the Italian version has precedence and is considered valid.
  2. The Flyworld account holder must always abide by the governing law in his state.
    • Substantive errors, printing errors, interpretation errors, translation errors, spelling mistakes, transaction errors, technical risks, registration errors, service interruptions, evident errors, reasons beyond our control and/or other similar circumstances;
    • Violating the rules;
    • Criminal actions;
    • Legal actions;
  3. Flyworld reserves the right, in any circumstances, to resolve possible disputes by appealing for the principals of objectivity and common sense.
  4. In cases where Flyworld are held responsible in any sense, by a court or similar authority, with legal power and/or juridical sovereignty on Flyworld, the responsibility of Flyworld is limited to figures of the bet or winnings, whichever is lower. Alternatively, the responsibility, when relevant and applicable, is limited to the balance of the Flyworld account or to figures transferred to/from the Flyworld account, whichever is lower.
  1. The FLYWORLD privacy regulations are governed by Italian law (D.L. 30th June 2003, n.196) as well as the Directive on the Protection of Data (Directive 95/46/EC) and under the Directive on Communications Privacy (Directive 2002/58/EC). FLYWORLD has also adopted the best techniques to communicate with its clients via E-mail.
  2. Everything mentioned in point 7 - 1 is to ensure the account holders that at all times their personal data is:
    • Processed according to their rights;
    • Processed reasonably and legitimately;
    • Obtained solely for precise and legitimate means;
    • Not exceeding the aim for which it was created;
    • Held in a secure manner;
    • Is not held longer than necessary;
    • Not transferred under jurisdiction that does not adhere to the Directive in point 7 - 1.
    • Solely used for the marketing aims of Flyworld services and products.
  3. The only reasons for which Flyworld can release personal data depend on decisions by the judicial body as per the state laws.
  4. The Flyworld website uses the "cookies" for the following necessary reasons:
    • To identify your preferred language so it can be automatically selected when you access the website;
    • To ensure that the bets are matched to your account;
    • To ensure that possible bonuses are legitimate;
    • To analyse and improve our web traffic.

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